RN Certificate in Palliative Care


DATE: June 9, 2014
Cost: $899 + fees

CSU Institute for Palliative Care San Diego Post-MSW

Fully Online 8-Week Program

The RN Certificate in Palliative Care is a dynamic 8-week online course aimed at enhancing nurses' competencies and knowledge of palliative care. The curriculum provides essential knowledge for professionals who deliver, or want to learn more about delivering, palliative nursing care regardless of the setting (hospice, inpatient/outpatient palliative care, oncology, long-term care, etc).

The course work is fully online and delivered in a continuously available and easily accessible format that allows nurses greater flexibility in balancing work responsibilities while furthering their own development.

For busy professionals who want an in-depth review to prepare to take the Certification Board for Hospice and Palliative Nursing exam for nurses, this course also makes a great way to review and refresh your skills.

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DATE: June 9, 2014


Education Programs Coordinator
Palliative Care Programs

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